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Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Pricing effective April 1, 2013.
All sessions currently booked and all sessions booked for remainder of the year will include the updated pricing attached.
If you have a sessions currently scheduled for anytime after April 1, your session cost will be the new pricing attached. If you have any questions, please email me.
Thank you!!!!

I've also attached an information guide for newborn sessions. All of my expecting moms on my due date calendar should have received this by email. If you have not, please contact me. I will need your information as soon as possible to be able to get your sessions planned out and pricing in order.
Thank you again!!!

Looking forward to my month off, and my sisters wedding!!! And excited to get back to it in May and throughout the summer!

(Another note. I will not be accepting any new clients for the remainder of 2013. I really really apologize to all of those who were waiting to schedule a session after April. I was really hoping to be able to open up my calendar for new clients after April, but May is already completely booked with existing clients and baby planners and with other newborns coming up soon, and other personal obligations and plans for the summer months, I will not be able to open up my calendar for new clients this year. I really apologize again. Thank you for understanding!!! And thank you to EVERYONE for loving MDesign Photography!!!!!!)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

MY family pictures!!! Each year, ONCE a year, I convince my husband to do family pictures...its a task within itself! I usually stress over outfits and pin ideas like crazy on pinterest and buy new clothes, and stress some more...yep...just like ALL my clients do! So, I know the feeling, believe me! I even make clothing boards on photoshop...yep, Im a freak like that! LOL
My husband always complains I make him wear things that arent 'normal' for him...so this year, I did it laid back style. Very casual, soft colors, simple coordination, nothing too over the top. We used his really cool vintage bike that he just finished restoring (boy was he nervous for us to be near it too!! whew, dont scratch the paint!!! LOL)
Stacy Landry Photography did our pics this year, and I love the outcome! Matt is always fun to work with and we had fun slugging through the mud in a great little off the road location...I wanted something different and fun, and that's definitely what we got!
So, without further ado....here's the pics!!!
And if your looking for a photographer, check out Stacy Landry Photography....GREAT pictures, GREAT fun, and let me tell you, the package you receive is simply amazing! Im embarrassed at my simple cd cases now! I must work on more fun packaging to keep up with these Jones'!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

"A day in my life" / why I can't book new clients right now...

I get multiple emails a day requesting session information and I feel bad each time I have to turn down new clients or let someone know I'm booked. But what a lot of my clients or potential clients don't know, is the full story...the fact that I have a full time career other than photography and two kids and the rest of it.....so I decided its time for a little installment of "a day in my life". So, here goes....

6:30am- alarm clock rings, and I hit snooze at least once...get up, get myself ready, throw clothes on Mallory (my two year old) while lance gets Maddox (my 5 year old, PreK student) ready for school.
7:05am- out the door. Drop off Mallory at daycare, drop off Maddox in the drop off line at school
8:00am- get to work. as an interior designer at an architecture firm, my day to day work varies from job site visits for progress review, client meetings, contractor calls, drawing floor plans, site plans, interior elevations, finish selections, presentation boards, fire marshal walk throughs and code reviews.....and sometimes all of this in one day......seriously. It's constant communication in person, on phone and by email. It's responsibility and progressive thinking. Everyone knows that I love what I do and I love what I am able to create for clients who always become my friends!!! (9 hours a day.)
5:00pm- head out of the office and hurry to pick up Maddox before 5:30 ( or pay a late fee, which I have had to do already this year). Then it's off to pick up Mallory at daycare, discuss their day in the car,call dad to update him on their day, and head toward home. My husband works nights at his side job,so we sometimes see him on his way out of the door when we get home, but sometimes miss him depending on our timing,
6:15pm-home. Unload car, dig through the refrigerator and pantry and decide what to cook for dinner. Start dinner while fixing fruit for the kids to snack on while they wait.
7:00pm- dinner time.
Homework. Luckily right now he is in prek so it's a matter of 10-15 minutes of handwriting.
7:30pm- bath time!!!  (Note: once a week we have dancing which puts us at home at 6:45, so dinner and bath get rushed into one hour on those days!!)
8:00pm- read books in bed ( try not to let Maddox trick me into reading more than one!) it's one for Maddox and one for Mallory. then it's off to bed, lately Mallory cries for me to lay with her,so that's another 30 min or so for me curled up in a toddler bed with my baby, but I know it.s time that she will later refuse to spend with me,so ill take it while she lets me!!!
9:00pm- finally they are both asleep and if I didn't fall asleep with Mallory and I'm now groggy and heading straight to bed, I'm settling in at my computer for a few hours. Editing one session takes about one hour (uninterrupted) (as I type this Mallory is singing in her bed and Maddox just quit coming out to ask a few last questions as excuses not to sleep, so each night is different)
Typically I edit at least one session per night for my sanity and sort through images of the next session, then set up my computer to upload images overnight. I shoot 4-5 sessions each weekend and its always my goal to complete all of the sessions before Friday, which means one session per night, but sometimes life happens, that's why I tell my clients up to 2 weeks for edits since sometimes life happens and I don't get to edit each night.
10:00-10:30pm- lance is usually home by now and I jump in the shower, choose my clothes for work tomorrow, check the calendar and pack dancing clothes, lay out Maddox's school clothes, make to do lists, and try to get in bed before midnight,,,
11:30- lay in bed and catch up on the day with lance, pin a few things to Pinterest, or check up on social media before I crash....
Then it all happens all over again!!!!!!

Now... Before you go around thinking I do it all, let me be the first to tell you I do not!!
My husband does the dishes, the laundry, cleans the floors, washes the cars, keeps both kids every weekend all weekend while I do photoshoots, pays all the bills, takes out the trash, works a full time day job and a full time side job each weekday night....all for us, for our family.

My life sounds crazy, right?? Right, but I LOVE it!!! Im a little uneasy putting all this info out there...but I'm laying this out so hopefully people will understand my time constraints. Im not home each day editing and able to answer emails and phone calls... So sometimes it might take me two or three days to return an email, and sometimes it might take me two weeks or more to finish edits on your session. This is my side job (which I absolutely love!!!!! And I look forward to every week!)....but the hours of my photography job are 9pm-11pm weekdays, and weekends. I'm on 100% during these working hours, but from 6:30am-8am I am mom, from 8-5 i am  designer, and from 5-9 I am mom again. I wear many hats....I do my best....but I can't do it all...which is hard for me to admit.

This is why I have a hard time saying no to new clients or additional sessions, because I want to do it all!!! I want to book every session and meet every new client. But I have to be smart with my time. And this is what I struggle with each day!

My dad always told me "Think about it...is this a NEED....or a WANT" and I've always struggled with the difference.

I WANT to sleep more, I NEED to spend more quality time with family and friends and I NEED to always WANT to be a better mom, wife, friend, designer and photographer! These are my everyday goals!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Sessions 2012

It's been a LONG LONG time since I blogged. Please excuse my absence here!
Life has gotten to be a bit of a struggle the past few months, with Maddox in school now, soccer, dancing, taking on many many sessions on weekends, and just general life occurrences....I've had to step away from the blog for a while. But I'm back, and with some great pictures from my Christmas sessions!!
Every year I do what I call Christmas mini sessions. They are short, 30 minute sessions meant just for getting that great shot for a christmas card! The session fee actually includes christmas cards, custom designed and 15 images on a disk for you to give as gifts! It's a great short session with great little benefits. This year I was only able to offer one day of them, and I did them early, in October. Some of my clients think it's too early to take Christmas pictures, but it takes me about 3 weeks to get all of the pictures edited, then it gives you time to choose the pictures for your cards and receive the cards by the first of December. So guess what....your the FIRST to send out cards. Now, isn't that a plus!!!
So consider these sessions for your 2013 christmas cards! I'm hoping to set aside about 3 days of these next year...(spread them out a little! whew, this year was a true marathon!). But look out for more details toward the end of summer next year.
2012 sessions were a blast! We used a field location with some friendly cows. All the families were great, the weather was amazing and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome!
I've held back most of these pictures from my facebook page so that I didn't ruin anyones Christmas cards before their families received them. But now.....all cards should be out, so it's go time on these great images!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perfect Little Tea Party...

A perfect little tea party was planned for this little group to capture a few good shots of all the cousins together for their parents and grandparents! With 5 children under the age of 5, a special set up was a great idea! This gave the little ones something to do, while creating a special little spot for baby Bijou in the doll carriage, and of course the older girls had a blast serving tea to each other and flashing some great little smiles! 
I had just as much fun setting this up and they did playing! I absolutely LOVE styled sessions like this, especially when I get such amazing images from the sessions! 

Sweet Reese and her sister Finley. Playing tea party and having fun!

Sweet baby Reese....always such a happy baby!

The full gang!

I just love how Marcello is looking up at Finley here....

Reese, serving herself some tea.....

Sweet Sweet Bijou. I cant get enough of her beauty!

Happy Marcello!!! Seriously the happiest baby ever!

The girls...having a personal tea party...

Beautiful Estalla.

These two are BEST friends. They just love each other and it shows!

Possibly my favorite shot of the evening! The expression is just too perfect!

And we ended the session with a few shots of Ali and her little family outdoors.

Sweet kisses from mama!


Mom even joined her babies for a little tea party fun herself!!!