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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eddie Paul

When Peggy contacted me for pictures, I couldn't have been more excited. I had followed Eddie Pauls story from day one. (My sister and Peggy are close friends). I was heartbroken for her and for their family when I heard he was diagnosed with leukemia and was starting treatment immediately! Just months before this, he was a happy, healthy little boy, playing soccer, enjoying school….just living life.
So crazy how life changes in an instant.

I asked Peggy to tell me some of his favorite things because I really felt a need to make this session fun for him and do something different. Her response could not have been more perfect! She said he loves legos, he loves building things and he really really loves fighter jets…and in her words, my favorite part of her response was "He's a pretty cool kid"…he had me hooked right there. I knew this would be fun!.
I initially thought of using the lego idea…then the jets came to mind. My brother flies on private jets for work sometimes so I contacted him. He contacted the flight company they use and got me in touch with Mr Matt Hillman with Landmark Aviation. OMG he was AMAZING! He called me, we set it all up to be able to use the airport. 
Peggy didn't even tell Eddie Paul where they were going, just showed up for the session…the look on his face was priceless! He immediately walked over to the fence with me and explained to me the difference between planes and jets and what those loud noises were! Matt met us there and they had a huge package of such cool stuff for EP at the airport! Pilot jackets, toys, hats, all kinds of awesome things! Then Matt took us through all the hangers, let Eddie Paul start up a jet and even drive it around the airport! It was such an AMAZING day. Watching the pure happiness on his face was all I wanted to do. I didn't even take as many pictures as I thought I would because I was so wrapped up in watching him, listening to him talk and ask questions and just the pure emotion of the day! We all wore our Eddie Paul bracelets and took pictures and to top it off (my favorite part!)….when we were leaving we talked about the Lego movie, I turned on the song "Everything is awesome" and Eddie Paul was holding hands with his mom and dad as we were walking out and they started singing and skipping and I caught a few shots and this just made the day so very very "Awesome"……it was our theme song for the day for sure!

EP, I had an AMAZING day with you. I've never done a session before where I've felt so much emotion the entire time. I've never wanted a day to go so perfectly in my life. I know the joy on your little face is something your parents needed right now too. I'm so glad we did this, I'm so thankful to everyone that helped out and I can't wait to do another session to celebrate your remission and end of treatment!!! Your such a strong little boy and such an inspiration to so many people!!! I'm so glad I got to spend this time with you!!

Beautiful Maternity- plus a little of Mallory!

This was by far one of my favorite maternity sessions to date!! Mindy is a glowing pregnant mama and so easy going and layer back and totally up for anything! I love it! She brought the most amazing dress and my sister in law and my daughter tagged along for our session. We drove around and found random spots on the side of the road, with a random horse! Score!!! Mindy even agreed to wear the flower crown I glued together that morning! I didn't even know her dress would be so absolutely perfect for this look!!! I love when things just work out!

And of course, Mallory wanted to wear the crown too and take a few shots of her own…and how could I resist that?!?!?!


Spring Mini Sessions

Wow! Such an AMAZING weekend for sure!! ALL these awesome people joined me for mini sessions in a field on a beautiful, perfect day. So many new faces I got to meet, and some old faces i got to catch up with! I enjoyed my weekend with my old and new friends for sure! And the pictures were all just as I envisioned!! Simple, natural, outdoor setting….Layed back and enjoying the springtime! 

I really love doing mini sessions. It's so awesome to be able to open up a weekend to so many clients and be able to capture so many memories. Now….it's hard work, and the hardest part is when I get home from the session, tired and coming down from my high, and I upload all these lovely images…..THEN…..I have to narrow down my selections. There were so many awesome pictures, it made this part of my job super hard!! But I managed to get through it and everyone had their pictures in time for Mothers day! I can't wait to see some of these cute faces again soon!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out for mini sessions!!
I'm hoping to be able to do these more often! Im thinking once a season….what do you think??